Is Everything Slightly Off?

Does life feel out-of-whack at the moment? I miss you babe. You went to Vegas for four days. I missed you a lot. You came back and have been very tired and sick for the last four days. It’s very nice to have you back, but I can’t wait until you’re not just back but feeling better, like your usual self. I can’t wait to just be having fun together again. I hope you feel much better really soon. I love you, sweetie. I love you with my whole entire heart! All of it! Life’s been a little weird lately, hey? Nothing overly bad has been happening. Obviously money’s tight, but is that all that has been making things feel weird? Maybe. Maybe worrying about buying groceries and gas and paying rent, not to mention all our other fabulous bills and stuff, maybe that’s just been straining/stressful enough to make everything else feel off. Overly tight budget… and tight living quarters perhaps. Maybe we should be taking more walks — at least once you’re feeling better. Maybe just some good ol’ fashion wide open nature will help the rest of life feel better. I don’t know, but it could be worth a shot. Get out of our tiny place, out of anywhere that so heavily relies on money to do anything or get through anything, and just walk and talk and hang out and stuff. Maybe we should just sell all/most of our stuff, box up the rest in your brother’s garage, and move to the woods… but somewhere that we can get to and from with our car. Bleh. I am really starting to care less and less about where we have to go or what we have to do to get through this portion of life, just as long as I get to be with you wherever it is, whatever we’re doing. I truly love you with every little bit of me. You make me the happiest. I hope you feel better soon.


One thought on “Is Everything Slightly Off?

  1. yesssssss… more walks! I love you babe!
    And even though these few years of schooling and such have been hard and financially straining, I am so proud of both of us for all that we have and are accomplishing! Next stop… babies! XO

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